Membership of the Amadeus First Club program is restricted to the travel agents only in the country the program applies, and excludes legal entities.

Membership of this program requires the return of the duly competed membership registration.

Amadeus First reserve the right to refuse membership to any person not meeting the requirements for participation in the program.

An individual identification number is assigned to each Member and membership of the program takes effect on the date of first use with a booking segment done on the Amadeus System.

The segment is the unit calculation for the Amadeus First program. Each segment is converted to a credit point only after the flown confirmation of the segment (net segment).

The credit points are acquired and calculated on the basis of scales and criteria set out in detail from time to time in the General Conditions and Rules section.

A personal account is automatically opened for each member to which are credited the points he or she has acquired. Neither this account not the segments/points can be transferred, bequeathed or combined with the account of any another person, wether or not that person is a member of the present program, nor with an other account possibly held by the same member.

While valid, the segments enables the Member to obtain gifts and rewards with Amadeus First Partners on the basis or scales or subject to the provisions contained in the General Conditions and the Amadeus First documentation.

Reward and or gifts once issued, cannot be exchanged, refunded, sold or converted into cash in any way or manner whatsoever. Availability for certain rewards and or gifts may be limited by the Amadeus First Club.

The Member bears sole responsibility for the use of gifts, rewards, wether they are used by the Member or by a third person.

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